Recap: CUGC West Xchange 2023

by Donald Wong, CTA & Bay Area CUGC Leader

The CUGC West Xchange 2023 was held at the famous Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, CA.  We sometimes take for granted that our devices simply work.  This historic venue can take you down memory lane to see how computer technology all got started and to see the legacy left behind by the pioneers of our industry.  Needless to say, what a great location to see the history of computers.

The event was moderated by Dane Young, Bay Area co-leader and Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), shown here with Kimberly Ruggero, Sr. Manager – Community Strategy & Programs, Citrix at the registration desk.

Kimberly Ruggero and Dany Young, CUGC West Xchange 2023

Our 1st session of the morning was a briefing by Pooja Vivekanandan – Citrix Senior Product Manager on What’s new with Citrix Monitoring.  There has a been lot of new development on this topic recently, especially around API integrations and we are glad Pooja was able to share some insights.

Pooja Vivekanandan, Citrix at CUGC West Xchange 2023

Knowing how to use data and metrics is one of the foundations to effective troubleshooting.  But it doesn’t stop there, analytics can also help establish patterns and when things don’t behave normally, it’s easier to identify a cause.  If you want to get some hands-on in trying Monitoring and Analytics tech previews, please use the QR codes shown in the next picture.

Citrix Monitoring Tech Preview setup

Our event couldn’t be as successful without the support of Citrix and our sponsors.  Our second session was a roundtable with panelists from IGEL, Login VSI, Nutanix, Liquidware, and LG, who gave introductions to their EUC related line of business while engaging in an interactive Q&A with the moderator and audience.  Best comment from a panelist – “Did you know LG manufactures more than just washers, dryers, and TVs?” 

Sponsor Panel Discussion

After lunch, we were honored to have Citrix VP of Product Management, Milind Mohile, present about Secure Private Access.

Milind Mohile, Citrix at CUGC West Xchange 2023

The use cases where Secure Private Access (SPA) can extend and enhance traditional virtualization scenarios were discussed, including audience questions from SPA users and evaluators of the technologies.

Finally, the afternoon wrapped up with a presentation from Mathew Varghese, a long time Citrix and Netscaler leader to share the latest brand launch, product and capability updates.

Matthew Varghese, Citrix at CUGC West Xchange 2023

Once all the sessions were concluded, the prizes delivered, and the Computer History Museum tour was about to start, the happy hour commenced with all the finest appetizers and refreshments!

CUGC West Xchange 2023 Happy Hour

On behalf of all of the CUGC leaders and support staff (Jennifer Gibbons and Stephanie Boozer), thank you to all who were able to attend.  We hope to see you at the next CUGC event.

CUGC leaders
CUGC leaders Dane Young, Donald Wong, John Bucud, Jarian Gibson and Mani Kumar.

Written by…

Donald Wong – Bay Area CUGC Co-Leader
Twitter / X: @Dywwong 
Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)

Special thanks for additional contributions made by…

Dane Young – Bay Area CUGC Co-Leader
Twitter / X: @youngtech
Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)

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