Protecting End Users from Outages with Local Host Cache – Webinar Wrap-up

Stephanie Boozer, CUGC HQ

On June 13, 2023, Citrix Product Managers Isaac Stasevich and Nitin Mehta followed the previous webinar on Protecting Citrix Users from Outages with Service Continuity with a new discussion on using Local Host Cache (LHC).

Isaac & Nitin dove into how LHC can enable end users to continue launching business-critical applications and desktops even during service outages. They covered:

  • What is Local Host Cache (LHC)
  • How to configure your environment for LHC
  • Understanding the limitations of LHC
  • Testing LHC

They also solicited feedback from the attendees to help them shape the future roadmap of LHC.

Watch the Recording:

Download the Deck:

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