How to Use Global App Configuration Service – Webinar Wrap-up

by Stephanie Boozer, CUGC HQ

On May 16, 2023, Manju Annie Oommen and Prashant Yadav showed how you can leverage Global App Configuration Service (GACS) to pre-configure, manage and update Citrix Workspace app settings across a diverse user base. The covered:

  • How to leverage this service to manage settings across both managed and BYOD users across cloud and on-premises scenarios.
  • The wide range of settings you can manage (including CVAD settings, app protection, enterprise browser, etc.) through the service on both UI and through APIs.
  • Capabilities like auto update and agent management

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Q&A Highlights:

Will there be a checkbox to say only show configured settings?
That is part of our roadmap, we are improving the user interface on a regular basis. thanks for the input!

Also for ‘Client App Management Settings” for Zoom, EPA and the SCA, would be nice to have drop downs for version control on those. I think maybe today that is only via the devops portal for this but not in the GUI. We will only position this for whatever is in this GUI as a configurable setting as the development portal side for configuring this was very rough and not customer friendly.
Today, agents can only be upgraded to the latest versions. We do intend to bring version control for workspace app and agent installation as part of a more friendly user interface. It’s part of the backlog.

Does this support Windows 10 with unified write filter?
We do support all WindowsOS, which includes Windows 10 as well. However, I need to check on the implication of a unified write filter. Note that this service is managing the client app settings and behaviour. That is the existing Citrix Workspace App settings.

To test these features can we get the subscription too?
When you onboard to cloud service, you will have access to the service to test it. Currently there is an entitlement check, which we are in the process of removing it. Meanwhile if you are interested in it, please reach out to us with company name and we will help you out.

Do the StoreFront URLs that we need to claim have to be resolvable on the Internet?
Yes, at this point.

How does this come into play for the GACS and the options with the new unv lic model?
This service will be available to all with no specific type entitlement required.

So if my Gateway URL is public and my Storefront URL is internal (.local), will this work?
If the internal and Gateway URL has an established connection, it should ideally work. We can get this confirmed.

GSLB is required?
Today the settings requires Gateway. But we do have a provision to support this service without Gateway, we may have to add these URLs to the service from the backend today. We intend to document this part.

Does the switch URL  support the Custom Workspace URL and/or multi Workspace URLs with resource filtering both currently in tech preview or just the single ( workspace URL + on-prem StoreFront URLS?
We don’t support the same yet in tech preview. We will be supporting the same towards GA of these capabilities.

For general CWA client side preferences for example with audio. Are there plans to allow us to dictate device trust where in big contact centers? If not controlled, it’s a problem point. For example, if they answer those questions wrong and don’t ‘trust’ the device when connecting (preference for CWA side)
We do have device posture service where you can define parameters to define users under ‘compliance’, ‘non-compliant’ and ‘deny’ access scenarios.

Confirming on refresh for what we were testing, some of our MAC users were not seeing a refresh of settings brought down at fresh log off and log back in. Should the 6 hour refresh for MAC apply only if still logged in?  So if you log off of CWA and back in, should it pick up all settings immediately or no?
Yes. Settings are fetched on exit and restart of the Citrix Workspace Helper process and not when you exit and restart CWA on Mac. Else its polled every 6hrs

And just to confirm, if we have multiple Cloud Stores configured/logged in, how are the configured settings for the combined stores handled?
So the settings are pushed to every store. However, if you are talking about a user who has access to multi-store and when switching between store. We do not handle this situation. Since this is on the client user side, the primary store setting – single store setting applies. We are working on handling this behaviour.

So just making sure I heard correctly then, if you launch through browser (hybrid launch), GACS settings don’t apply at all then?  So this is similar to what App Protection was before it supported Hybrid Launch if that is the case.
Yes, your understanding is right. That is the current behaviour and hence we are working on this as part of the roadmap.

So if my contractors access my Store through web browser, but launch in the native app (hybrid launch), I have now way to version control their client?
Yes, today we don’t have that capability. We intend to work on a solution for this. Its part of the roadmap.

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