An Open Letter to the Citrix User Group Community

by Sarah Vogt & Jon Bucud, CUGC Steering Committee

Like you, we at CUGC have been scrolling our social media feeds this past week, these past months, watching our colleagues, our members, our supporters, and our friends, as they deliver heartfelt tributes to the years they have enjoyed working for Citrix, to those offering to review resumes, be a reference, or lend an ear. 

As publicly stated by Citrix Leadership, difficult decisions needed to be made to build the foundation they seek for the future of the Cloud Software Group.

While there is no perfect sentence, heartfelt post, or inspiring quote we can extend to help quickly rebuild the road ahead, we have found one simple word posted repeatedly that has stood out amongst all the others:


Onward to new goals. Onward to new opportunities. Onward to new possibilities.  

We here at CUGC would like to remind everyone that it’s times like these to call on the strength of your community. On your colleagues. Your friends, family, and beliefs. To ask for help when needed. And accept help when given.  

Whether you were directly or indirectly impacted by recent changes, the Citrix User Group Community remains ready and available to all who have been there for us. Those who continue to make us who we are today and who we become tomorrow.  

We are steadfast in our dedication to help our members and their businesses excel through education, knowledge sharing, networking and influence.


Sarah Vogt – Steering Committee President

Jon Bucud – Steering Committee Vice President

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