So Long, 2022 – Hello, 2023!

by Sarah Vogt & Jon Bucud

While 2022 was not a return to the “old normal,” our many leaders and members returned in-person and as a community we found a “new normal.” Where feasible and sensible, many of our local groups reconnected in-person, enjoying ball games, axe-throwing, movie premieres, top golf, and so much more. Other groups continued to meet virtually, bringing geographically distanced locations together, like our western U.S. groups and the Australia/New Zealand groups, for example.

We got the band back together!

In-person XL events returned in 2022 in Kansas City, New York City, Louisville, Denmark and the UK, kicked off by a virtual XL more easily accessible to our global membership. We took over Yankee and Arrowhead stadiums for a day. We joined old and new colleagues for a Royals game in Kansas City and a bourbon tour in Louisville. Be sure to read our recap blog posts and watch the recorded sessions if you couldn’t be there.

We got new digs!

CUGC rolled out our new community platform over the summer. The new platform improves leader functionality and event promotion and registration for our members. We added an improved video channel and blog. Already, more members are using and sharing content with a jump in visits, views and sharing.

We have an important year-end housekeeping request: Log in and update your profile. A completed profile is the best way to ensure you receive the notifications you want to receive (or do not), so that you don’t miss a webinar, event or blog that matters to YOU. (If you think you have more than one account or need to update your email, send us a note at and we’ll get it sorted.)

Citrix joined Tibco as part of the Cloud Software Group!

The biggest news to come out of 2022 for the community was the Citrix sale and transition to the Cloud Software Group. What does it mean for the thousands of customers and hundreds of volunteer leaders who make CUGC and community work? We were reassured and excited to see the post by Chris Fleck on the Citrix blogs about the continuing commitment to community via CUGC and the CTA & CTP programs. CUGC has always been a welcoming place for Citrix admins, engineers, developers, and techies to connect and grow, and we’re buoyed by this renewed commitment to the value of community.

2023: Ready, Set, Go!

We are excited to introduce a full slate of events in 2023 that respond to input from our members, leaders and trends in the return-to-work and travel.

Our in-person XLs are back in 2023, this year focusing on regional locations that pull together multiple local groups (though registration will continue to be open to all CUGC members). We’ll kick off the year with a global Virtual XL on February 9, featuring a half-day of Citrix expert sessions following an exciting keynote. Check out the agenda and speaker details here.

Our first in-person XL is set for Houston on February 23, at a new venue, the Houston Zoo (should be wild!). We’re finalizing the speakers and agenda now, so keep an eye on the event page for the most up to date information.

We’re excited to roll out a completely new event series, CUGC Xchange. These in-person events will combine the learning and networking you love from our larger XLs with interactive, educational workshops and master classes. Stay tuned for more details on these, as we roll out the schedule, locations and speakers.

Grateful for YOU: our leaders, members and sponsors!

We continue to be impressed and inspired by the ingenuity and strength of our CUGC leaders, members, and sponsors. We’ve weathered several storms over the years, all the while continuing to thrive and stay connected. From the camaraderie nurtured in our virtual and in-person events, to the knowledge shared in our blogs and webinars, CUGC continues to be the best place for you to grow professionally and technically (and it’s all FREE!).

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy holiday season, and cheers to an exciting new year!

See you in 2023!

Sarah Vogt
President, CUGC Steering Committee
Orlando CUGC leader & CUGC Women In Tech

Jon Bucud
Vice President, CUGC Steering Committee
San Diego CUGC Leader & CTA

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