Cheers to 2022 and News from the Steering Committee

by Steve Elgan, CTA & CUGC Steering Committee

I hope all my fellow CUGC members are enjoying a healthy and happy start to 2022. The past couple of years may have hampered our ability to gather in person at local and XL events, but I’m proud to say that the CUGC community has held together just as strong as ever, and in some ways, even stronger.

As we dive into this new year, I’m announcing some changes to CUGC’s Steering Committee. Firstly, I will be stepping down as president, though I will remain on the Steering Committee as a voting member. I am overly pleased to announce that the committee has voted Sarah Vogt as our new president, with Jon Bucud serving as vice president. Both Sarah and Jon have been active, engaged members of the Steering Committee, and the greater community, and I look forward to the year ahead under their leadership.

Thank you Steve. And thank you for serving us through probably the most interesting times we have faced to date. Your guidance and leadership during such uncertainty helped us redefine the community as a whole.  As you stated, I believe we are stronger today for it.

I am grateful for the time served with you, all I have learned from you, and believe Jon and I are ready to face whatever challenges 2022 throws our way. 

To the members of CUGC, we are here for you so please do not hesitate to reach out to your leaders, Citrix representatives, or CUGC Steering Committee members. It is our mission to create pathways to education, networking, and knowledge all while creating strong bonds along the way. Cheers to 2022 CUGC!” –Sarah Vogt

“As we look forward to what we envision to be another dynamic year in 2022, I owe all the deepest congratulation to our new Steering Committee president, a fellow local leader, and CUGC Women in Tech mentor Sarah Vogt. Together, I believe we will continue to keep CUGC’s meteoric momentum going with the return of in-person events, blogs online, and of course, our jam-packed virtual events. On a personal level, as your new vice president, I hope I can do anything in my power to enable our leaders to succeed going into the new year and beyond.” –Jon Bucud

Thomas Berger, Citrix
I’d also like to welcome Citrix Director of Technical Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Thomas Berger to the committee. Thomas is an enthusiastic supporter of the CUGC community, and we are honored to have him join the team.

I have enjoyed my time as President of the Steering Committee. I never would have expected to serve during a global pandemic. I’m proud of our CUGC community and how we played such an enormous role in keeping our world working remotely during COVID19. I’m thankful this community exists and was a resource to help you, and help your organizations.

 🍻Here’s to another great year at CUGC! Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming XL events, 2022 t-shirt, CUGCY awards, and so much more!

Steve Elgan

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