Develop Your Skills with Citrix Cloud Training

by Kimberly Ruggero, Citrix

To support your transition to Citrix Cloud, we invite you to explore the Cloud Learning Series to help you increase your cloud confidence and get the most value from your Citrix cloud service(s).

The Cloud Learning Series is a collection of on-demand training content that covers cloud planning, build, rollout, management, and optimization. Each course is roughly 2-3 hours long and completing certain courses in the series can lead you to earn validated skills badges to showcase what you have learned. You can even enroll in learning paths for a guided experience through a collection of product-specific training content.

Everybody with a Citrix Cloud Service, an active CSS support entitlement, or the All-Access Learning Subscription can access this training at no additional cost.

With plans to launch additional content throughout the year, we encourage you to visit and login with your MyCitrix credentials to begin this training today.

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