Bay Area CUGC Event Recap and Upcoming Event

by Donald Wong, CTP and Bay Area CUGC Leader

As we’re making preparations for our upcoming 2nd quarter Bay Area CUGC virtual event to be held on June 2nd from 2:30 – 4PM PST, I came to the realization that we did not post an events recap for our first event of the year back in March. This combined post now will provide a recap summary along with details for our upcoming event.

Take a look at this sneak peek of the agenda, speaker and vendor lineup, as well as the great prizes we will raffling away at the event:

Our 1st Bay Area CUGC virtual event was held back on March 3rd. After a brief CUGC leader and agenda introduction, we had the pleasure of having Jack Smith from Liquidware kick things off by giving everyone an informative presentation and technical demo on Liquidware’s Stratosphere solution. For those who aren’t familiar, Liquidware focuses on end user experience and app layering enhancements. Their solution covers a diverse set of capabilities.

Next, Patrick Coble, Nashville CUGC leader & CTP, was kind enough join and give us a thorough breakdown on everything from physical to information security vulnerabilities.

It’s always fascinating to hear Patrick enlighten us all on how we sometimes take security for granted.

Our event came to end after the Citrix team of Josh Espinosa and Paul Davis presented a condensed selection of top updates stemming from the announcements at Citrix Summit.

As we get ready for our 2nd quarter CUGC event, this is a gentle reminder for everyone to provide feedback for our events. Your honest input will help us cater to topics that are relevant to you.

We look forward to seeing you virtually, and hopefully for in-person events in the near future.

Donald Wong
Bay Area CUGC Co-Leader
Twitter: @Dywwong
Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)

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