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CUGC Events and Coronavirus


Like so many of you, we are watching developments with the novel coronavirus. We are reviewing health advisories, following the news, tracking industry events, and gathering feedback from our Steering Committee, leaders, Citrix and sponsors.

We want everyone involved with CUGC to take whatever precautions with travel and meetings they believe are best for them. It is most important that we’re all healthy and safe, and by no means are we offering advice or guidance on what is best for any individual to do with regard to the virus. Below we share how we will approach our March and April meetings.

We encourage you to contact us with questions and to share your input, at Of course, our plans may change as circumstances evolve. We will keep you updated.

XL Meetings & Local Meetings

We will decide to cancel, postpone or hold XL and local meetings on a case-by-case basis based on the input of leaders, members, sponsors and venues. For CUGC, Citrix and sponsor speakers that cannot travel to the meeting, we will welcome substitute speakers and remote presentations. We’re considering other options.

Leaders & Members

While our meetings draw local and regional attendance and are small relative to conferences like Citrix Synergy – and many local CUGC markets have no reported cases of the virus that we know of – we realize that some members may not want to attend even a small, local gathering or may be prohibited from attending by their employers. We will stay in contact with our leaders and members to gauge interest and attendance.


We will work with sponsors individually to find solutions to cancelled, postponed or changed local and XL meetings. We have learned that our sponsors are taking different approaches to travel and meetings, and that they have varying local resources to support meetings. We will try to accommodate different approaches and needs.

News on Cancellations, Postponements & Other Changes

If we cancel or postpone a meeting, we will announce it on and via email.

Thank you, 

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