CUGC Named A Top EUC Event

by Steve Elgan, CTA, Omaha CUGC Leader, Steering Committee Member

We have more good news to share–only a few weeks after our own community survey delivered us important and very positive feedback. (See Tobias Kreidl’s great summary here.)

Now we’ve learned of a second survey of IT professionals with additional good news for CUGC and the entire Citrix Community.

The team at VDI Like A Pro released the results of their 2019 ‘End User Computing – State of the Union’ survey.  

In the survey, they asked respondents, “Which EUC events, conferences and tradeshows do you visit?”  Their results were:

More over, the team at VDI Like A Pro calculated the results when independent Citrix user groups like the DuCUG and CUGC are combined and counted as single Citrix user group, and they found this result:

They concluded that, “In this survey it’s apparent that Citrix has a much larger and more active VDI/SBC community than others in the EUC space.”

We are grateful to make this list, and thrilled to be ranked so highly. The credit goes to all of the community volunteers that lead groups, to the CTPs, CTAs and WIT participants, to every meeting and webinar presenter and moderator, and every member that has contributed at a meeting, with a blog, or forum post.
WATCH: Nashville CUGC Leader & CTA DJ Eshelman describes the value of CUGC for members.

This was the fifth worldwide ‘End User Computing – State of the Union’ survey. According to VDI Like A Pro, “The ‘End User Computing – State of the Union’ is truly unique because it’s unbiased, independent, powered by the community and the results are available for everyone—free of charge. The document provides valuable insights in real-world deployments, configuration and usage, both on-premises and public cloud environments, from more than 582 people who supported the survey.”

Who is VDI Like A Pro? The Leaderboard that executes the survey is comprised of Mark Plettenberg (@MarkPlettenberg), Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt) and Christiaan Brinkhoff (@Brinkhoff_C).

To read the complete survey and more, please go to

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