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2019 Community Survey Results Overview

by Tobias Kreidl, CTP, CUGC Steering Committee President

Our first community survey is finished. We thank the 600+ members who took it! Your input is a big help, and we are very pleased with those of you who made the effort to provide feedback.

Before we get into the specifics, we want to say that while the Steering Committee is sharing the results, they reflect the collective effort of hundreds of people around the world.   

CUGC succeeds because we are a huge team of Local Leaders, CTPs, CTAs, WIT volunteers, webinar presenters and moderators, meeting speakers, Steering Committee members, working group members, the HQ team, the Citrix Community team, and every member that has taken the time to lead and share.

Now that we are clear about who deserves the credit, we can share the community-wide findings.

We asked a batch of questions to measure our overall community well-being and our core community values. This is what we learned:

The numbers are outstanding! We thank and congratulate every leader, presenter, speaker, contributor and every member who has made CUGC welcoming, enhancing and independent!

If you took the survey, you know that we asked questions about our local meetings, webinars, and more. We will share the detailed results with our leadership teams. Today, we want to share the top-line findings in each of those areas. Here they are:

We also learned some details about how we work and what we want from CUGC. Here are some of the first takeaways:

These are great numbers. Again, it takes a huge, dedicated team to get these results. 

What next? Every year we meet with our leaders, review the year’s work, and plan for the coming year. This year we will add the detailed findings into the mix. Your input will shape CUGC in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you.

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