September 2019 – Theresa Miller


Theresa Miller
CTP, CUGC Women In Tech Founding Mentor

What Citrix technologies are most important to your work?
Citrix Cloud and Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp).

Tell us about a recent tech problem that Citrix technology helped you solve.
I recently helped an enterprise POC Citrix Cloud for an application that they plan to have external users access. The process from start to finish was interesting, as it helped drive an understanding of both Citrix and Azure cost, as well as how to successfully drive performance in that configuration.

You’ll be speaking at the Great Lakes XL in a couple of weeks–what will you be talking about?
I will dive into managing your Windows updates for Citrix Cloud on Azure. Knowing what your options are is important as we move forward into a Cloud-first world.

As a founding member of the CUGC Women In Technology Mentoring Program, tell us about your experience.  
I have found being a mentor for the CUGC WIT program to be one of the more rewarding things I have been working on. Building relationships, providing guidance, and growing friendships for a lifetime is invaluable. I am honored to be a founder of this program with Jo Harder and Esther Barthel.

Favorite words of wisdom you live by?

I am a huge fan of karma. Treat and respect people the way you want to be treated, and always find ways to “pay it forward.”

Finally, outside of work and CUGC, what do you do for fun?
ATV’ing, movies of just about any kind and family time. I recently published a book, “Save A Heart,” about one of the most difficult times in my family’s life and our attempt to find a new normal after our second child was born with a life-threatening illness. As you navigate through life remember that everyone has challenges whether they choose to share it with those around them or not. Always be kind to everyone–it may just brighten their day.

Theresa (center) at the CUGC Women In Tech event at Citrix Synergy 2019.

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