My Citrix Synergy as a Citrix Technology Professional and Sponsor

by Samuel Legrand, CTP, France CUGC Leader

I’m sure you are aware that Citrix Synergy was held a few weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia. This event is important for everyone in the Citrix ecosystem, and I’ve been going for a few years now. And for the third time, I came as a “VIP”! Indeed, the Citrix Technology Professional program ( has some privileges when talking about Synergy:

  • A free pass for the event
  • 3 nights of hotel

The CTPs are spread all over the globe, so this is one the few occasions where we all have the opportunity of meeting each other. Since the last program’s change (split the group into specialities), we have even less (virtual) meetings together. So yes, meeting the family was one of the best parts of the event.

This year was also a bit special for me as it was the first time that I attended partially in the role of a sponsor. Since last October, I’m indeed in pre-sales at one of the CUGC and Citrix sponsors: ControlUp.

This role changed the conference for me a bit, as I had some booth duties to assume! Before the event, I didn’t know how it would be. However, I was really surprised to see the Solutions Expo during the three days of the conference. As the venue is so big, it was difficult to guess the number of attendees they came over, but from the booth, I can tell you: the number of attendees was huge!

To sum up, this last Citrix Synergy has been a really good event:

  • From a community perspective, I met lots of people from everywhere. It was a pleasure to see the CTPs, CTAs and the community family again.
  • From a sponsor perspective, the booth was pretty busy all the time

Hope to see you all for the next edition:

  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Dates: May 19-21


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