Swiss CUGC Meetup @ Citrix Synergy 2019

by Sacha Thomet, CTP, Swiss CUGC Leader, Steering Committee Member

Citrix User Group Community was kicked off officially at Citrix Synergy in 2015 in Orlando, and this was also the first Citrix Synergy I attended. For me personally, it was a blast! This conference changed so much in my life for my Citrix Community contributions. There are two reasons for this. First, I won the Citrix GeekOvation award and was connected to a lot of Community People and Citrix CTPs. The second reason was the founding of myCUGC, the Citrix User Group Community. 

When I was back in Switzerland, a former co-worker and colleague, Stefan Beckmann, sent me a message and asked if I’m interested in creating a local CUGC with him.

Already in September 2015, we had our first local meeting in Bern and at the end of the year we had nearly 100 Swiss members.

In May 2016, I had the chance to go to #CitrixSynergy in Las Vegas and had the idea for a local meetup with all Swiss CUGC members. As you see, it has worked and we had the chance to meet and speak some words in Swiss German:

May 2016 – Las Vegas

In the following year, 2017, in Orlando, we did a repetition and had a short get-together.

Because it worked well, we also met in May 2018 in Anaheim.

And now the 2019 Edition in Atlanta

For @René Bigler, a new CTP from the 2019 class and member of the Swiss CUGC, it’s the first Citrix Synergy. I asked René what is the most exciting part of this conference and he replied that networking with other peers and meeting some people for the first-time face-to-face are the best things here. 

Also, a Synergy first-timer, is @Marco Fernandez, who works for Citrix in Switzerland and is a regular attendee of our SwissCUGC meetings. For Marco, one of the best things here is the Citrix Experience Center, the booth where you can see what’s possible and talk with Pros about solutions. Another SwissCUGC member, which is not the first time at Citrix Synergy is @Marco Stalder, but he is for the first time engaged as an external Speaker at Synergy. He had the Fireside Chat SYN411 Customer success: Bechtle employees work more productively and securely with Citrix Workspace.  As he told me this, was a very interesting experience. 

Looking forward to more fun experiences throughout the week!

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