CUGC Members Presenting at Citrix Synergy 2019!

by Tobias Kreidl, CTP, Steering Committee President

Every year, we at HQ are excited to see so many familiar CUGC names and faces in the Citrix Synergy session catalog. If you’re a Synergy first-timer or just haven’t picked out your sessions yet, the role-based Paths to Success on the main Synergy page are a great place to start. You can always customize from there.

However you choose your sessions, we wanted to highlight those featuring our own CUGC members, leaders and frequent content contributors:

Breakout Sessions, Meet the Experts Theaters, and Fireside Chats:

SYN139: Citrix and Microsoft: a value-add across your workspace with Matthew Crawford and CTA Jacob Rutski

SYN207: Lessons from the field: implementing Virtual Apps and Desktops and Gateway services with Cincinnati CUGC Leader & CTP Eduardo Molina

SYN214: Tips and best practices for getting the best from your Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments with CTPs Dennis Span, George Spiers, and David Wilkinson.

SYN405: The rise of dark AI with CTA Martin Zugec and Florin Lazurca.

SYN210: Avoid performance stress when using hybrid cloud workloads with Denmark CUGC Leader & CTP Thomas Poppelgaard and CUGC Networking Leader & CTP Christiaan Brinkhoff.

SYN220: Going cloud? It’s where Citrix ADC has a role! with CTP Thorsten Rood.

SYN136: Geek’s guide to the workspace (part 1): workspace fundamentals with CTA Daniel Feller and Citrite Ana Ruiz.

SYN229: Citrix Cloud deployment strategies: customer and partner perspectives with CTP Shane O’Neill and CT-RI CUGC Leader & CTP Paul Stansel.

SYN406: Debunking common misconceptions about Citrix Workspace: lessons from the field with CTA George Kuruvilla and Kevin Nardone.

SYN131: Geek’s guide to the workspace (part 2): beyond Pa$$w0rds for workspace authentication with CTAs Daniel Feller and Martin Zugec.

SYN217: Multi-site recommended practices, reloaded with Kansas City CUGC Leader & CTP Jarian Gibson, South Florida CUGC Leader & CTP Shane Kleinert, CUGC Networking Leader & CTP Dave Brett, and Dutch CUGC Leader & CTP Kees Baggerman. 

SYN791: Advanced performance troubleshooting with PowerShell and process monitor with CTP Trentent Tye and Yoni Avital.

SYN701: How Citrix Content Collaboration enabled a journey to Office 365 with Ingmar Verheij and Dutch CUGC Leader & CTP Barry Schiffer.

SYN218: How to protect your Citrix Workspace with Nashville CUGC Leader & CTP Patrick Coble.

SYN700: Machine learning for the masses: why you need this technology now with DC CUGC Leader & CTP Chris Rogers and Citrite Ebenezer Schubert.

SYN402: It’s time to adopt Citrix Cloud: Virtual Apps and Desktops service with NY Metro CUGC Leader & CTP Nicolas Ignoto and Citrite Harsh Gupta.

SYN416: Diversity and inclusion with experts from Citrix, CUGC & CTPs with CUGC Women In Tech Leader & CTP Esther Barthel, Steering Committee Member & Orlando CUGC Leader Sarah Vogt, Phoenix CUGC Leader & CTA David Gautney, and Citrite Traci Tsuchiguchi.

SYN231: Architecting the workspace for high security with Citrite Kurt Roemer and CTA Mike Nelson.

SYN230: Citrix Cloud and Azure: real-world experiences and tips for a successful deployment with CT-RI Leader & CTP Paul Stansel and Houston CUGC Leader Jason Samuel.

SYN400: Insights from the field: Content Collaboration in action with Ingmar Verheij and Dutch CUGC Leader & CTP Barry Schiffer.

SYN191: Troubleshoot and optimize Citrix user experience with ControlUp’s new automation platform with CTP Trentent Tye and Yoni Avital.

SYN221: How to protect your Citrix deployments and modern applications with Citrix ADC with Nashville CUGC Leader & CTP Patrick Coble and Citrite Frank Bunger.

SYN215: Performance and scalability tips and tricks from Citrix experts with CTAs Eltjo van Gulik and Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk.

SYN236: Citrix Workspace: addressing the security conundrum with CTA George Kuruvilla and Scott Lane.

SYN124: Using Citrix Workspace to drive business growth cost-effectively with Joshua Thompson and CTA Jacob Rutski.

Match.Geek Sessions
Match.Geek sessions occur Tuesday through Thursday from 3:00-5:30PM ET in Synergy Park. Select your match from an exclusive panel of Citrix and industry experts and Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs), then engage in a 30-minute small-group discussion with the geek of your choice. This could be the most valuable half hour you spend at Synergy! Check out the Geeks page and you’ll see some familiar faces:

Virtual Apps & Desktops, Cloud: NY Metro CUGC Leader & CTP Nicolas Ignoto
Endpoint management, Cloud, Virtual Apps & Desktops: CTP Thorsten Rood
VDI Security: Nashville CUGC Leader & CTP Patrick Coble
Workspace: CTA Andrew McCullough
Virtual Apps & Desktops: CTA Rasmus Raun-Nielsen
Cloud: CTP Shane O’Neill
Virtual Apps & Desktops, Cloud: CTA Kyle Davies
Virtual Apps & Desktops: CTP George Spiers
Cloud: CT-RI CUGC Leader & CTP Paul Stansel
Virtual Apps & Desktops: Kansas City CUGC Leader & CTP Jarian Gibson
Scaling, Hybrid Multi-cloud, Best Practices: Northern Indiana CUGC Leader & CTA Benjamin Crill
Cloud: CUGC Networking Leader & CTP Dave Brett
Cloud: Denmark CUGC Leader & CTP Thomas Poppelgaard

Lunch Table Tech Chats
Lunch time is an excellent time to squeeze in even more interactive conversations with experts in the field. Grab a lunch, then pick a topic that you have burning questions about. This year’s topics and discussion leaders include: 

Digital Workspace: CTA Jits Langedijk
Networking: CUGC Healthcare Leader & CTA Carl Behrent and Tampa CUGC Leader & CTA Jenny Sheerin
Analytics: CTA Andrew McCullough
Virtual Apps & Desktops: CTAs Hal Lange and Guy Leech
Content Collaboration: Nashville CUGC Leader & CTA DJ Eshelman
Endpoint Management: CTA Jani Kohonen
Cloud: CTAs Kyle Davies and Steve Noel

Since there are sometimes additions and changes to the Synergy schedule, we’ll do our best to update the list above if the need arises. Hope to see you all at Synergy – and don’t forget to check our CUGC@Synergy page often for the latest updates on our activities throughout the event!


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