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Citrix Cloud: Minor Enhancements, Great Experience!

by Saadallah Chebaro, UAE CUGC Leader


Unified Endpoint Management, Modern Device Management, User Environment Management, Digital Workspace, Workspace Cloud, Workspace App and End User Computing all have one thing in common: it’s all about the end-user experience…!

Aside from the general perception of cloud computing benefits such as availability, cost, management, OPEX and so on, Citrix Cloud Workspace offering enables seamless correlation, unification, and integration, of different services such as EUC, UEM, ADM, ADC, MCM, and Analytics to the ultimate aim of making end-users more productive and IT admins less reductive.

To win over end-users, which represents the biggest challenge in any workspace digitalization initiative, enhancing front-end user experience should be the ultimate aim. To establish that, users must at least experience less hassle in accessing whatever apps, documents, and resources they need to conduct business on top of having a WoW factor in place to seal any annoyances faced during such a digital business transition.

We are beings of habit and resist change no matter how beneficial that change might be simply because it represents an unnecessary risk. Though this resistance requires a strategy on its own to overcome, part of that in a workspace digitalization project should be enabled by the platform itself. Citrix Cloud is not just a platform to enhance user productivity but is also an integral part of a workspace digitalization plan that can help overcome resistance and other critical non-technical issues represented by such an immense change in the way business is conducted.

Feature Requests:

To the ultimate aim of an end-user experience that does just that, I want to propose some minor enhancements required on the part of Citrix Cloud that would, in my opinion, immensely boost experience, satisfaction, and ultimately mitigate many of the problems introduced with digital change:


Citrix Cloud has advanced quite extensively in the last year or so given that two years ago, it did not exist. So, we know it is work in progress. The work being done on transitioning to a full management web cloud service, for instance, from what is now an ICA HTML5 session running Studio is a huge undertaking but Citrix should not lose sight of the ultimate aim and outcome of the cloud transition: Enhance the end-user experience! Oh, and make money on subscription model licensing.

Native TOTP, UEM in Workspace App, and branding are a game changer for customers and Citrix alike in terms of a secure unified digital workspace promise, yet Citrix needs to work out the little details affecting end-users to help businesses make the transition to cloud.

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