A Warm Welcome to the Newest Members of the CTA and CTP Classes of 2019!

by Stephanie Boozer, CUGC HQ

Congratulations to the newest members of the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) classes of 2019! And, of course, a big pat on the back to those veteran awardees returning for another year in the program! 

We at CUGC HQ recognize some very familiar faces among the newest awardees, and thought we’d point out some of their community contributions here:

René Bigler (CTP) comes from the CTAs and is a leader of the Swiss CUGC group. He most recently presented a User Share webinar on Windows 10 VDI on XenDesktop alongside CTP and fellow Swiss CUGC leader Sacha Thomet.

Eltjo van Gulik (CTA) recently blogged about Monitoring Citrix Cloud with OData and PowerShell.

Bart Jacobs (CTA) has been active in the CUGC forum discussions, and wrote a 2017 Year in Review blog post (and has something more technical planned for CUGC soon, so stay tuned!).

James Kindon (CTP) leads the Sydney CUGC, has also been a contributor to CUGC through a series of WEM Advanced Guidance blog posts which he co-authored with Hal Lange, a new CTA.

Hal Lange (CTA), in addition to the WEM blog posts mentioned above, has also presented on WEM topics through User Share webinars, including Welcome to Citrix Workspace Environment Management alongside Steve Greenberg (CTP). He’s also involved with our Phoenix Metro CUGC group.

Mike Nelson (CTA), is a CTP alumnus and has been a valued member of the CUGC Content Working Group since its inception in 2016. Mike has presented several User Share webinars on Azure-related topics (most recently The Big, Bad, Beautiful World of Azure), as well as moderated webinars for other presenters. He also authored a two-part blog series on Top Things to Help you Become a Successful Leader.

Steve Noel (CTA) is heavily involved with our Madison CUGC group, and recently turned one of his more popular presentations “How to Be a Citrix Jedi” into a blog post.

Scott Osborne (CTP), another member of the CTAs, and our March Member of the Month, is also one of our energetic Omaha CUGC leaders. 

Arnaud Pain (CTP) is one of our Tampa CUGC leaders and has contributed to CUGC through webinars and live presentations at local groups and XL events.

Rene Reighard (CTA) is a CUGC Women In Tech Mentor, and was previously a mentee. She wrote about her mentee experience in this blog post.

Matthias Schlimm (CTP), previously a CTA, is another frequent blog contributor in our Expert Insights blog. He most recently posted Part 1 of Configure iPXE for a Nutanix Environment.

Jenny Sheerin (CTA), is a current mentee in the CUGC Women In Tech mentorship program. She is also a leader of the Tampa CUGC group and was recently involved with the planning of the CUGC XL: Florida event in January.

Chris Twiest (CTA) has also blogged for CUGC, most recently writing about Solutions to Replicate/Sync Your Citrix Provisioning Services Store.

Bas van Kaam (CTA), is another CTP alumnus, and was a founding member of the CUGC Content Working Group, as well as an original forum moderator. Bas has written several blog posts for our Expert Insights blog, including an popular piece providing insight into what it’s like to present at Citrix Synergy. 

Jake Walsh (CTA), presented a User Share webinar on Improving Resiliency of XenDesktop-StoreFront Multi-Site & NetScaler GSLB with a follow-up blog post on the Q&A.

Congratulations again to each and every one of the 2019 CTA and CTP classes!

Here’s to another great year of blogs, webinars, live presentations and more!

Cheers! 🥂

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