2019: New Year, New CUGC Platform!

by Brad Hornback, CUGC HQ

Just before the holidays, we launched a new myCUGC.org, with a fresh new look and some exciting new features. The new design and functionality was just the beginning, as we’ll continue to roll-out additional features throughout the coming months. But for now, here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and exciting on the site:

New Home Page: We’ve condensed things for a fresh look and to make room for new features, such as the larger, full-screen scrolling banner carousel at the top of the screen. Check here for our biggest announcements and upcoming events.

Sticky Top Nav Bar: Scroll down the page and the nav bar stays with you so you always have quick access to main site areas.

Expanded Footer: Easier navigation throughout the site, as well as hot links for Citrix Support Forums and Citrix Certification Programs.

Featured Articles Section: Focused attention on our most current blog content.

Activity Leaderboard: Scroll down to the leaderboard to see who’s contributing and who’s stacking up points for things like blogging, answering a forum post, and completing a profile throughout the most recent week.

Redesigned Local Groups page: A fresh new look makes it easier to search groups by area.

Blogs: If you read a good blog, recommend it! Commenting is also greatly improved, so chime in on the discussion below the blog entry.

Forums: Improved look and feel, with the ability to reply inline for more legible discussions.

  • When you subscribe to a forum, you can now opt to receive updates in real time, or in a daily digest. (To subscribe to a forum, go to your profile in the top right corner of the home page, click on My Account and then Community Notifications. Here, you can subscribe to multiple forums in one place.)
  • The “Recommend” feature from the blogs also carries over to the forums. Think a post is good? Recommend it so others know!
  • Original thread posters and moderators can now mark a reply as “Best Answer” to reduce time spent searching through threads.
  • Ribbons under profile pictures identify Citrix experts and CUGC leaders, providing you with information about the person posting.

Easier Navigation: Throughout the site, you will see a refreshed look with easier navigation.

More Robust Search: A faceted search lets you get granular with your results, helping you target the specific content you’re looking for.

And there’s more to come!

Stay tuned for even more new features and improved functionality as we continue to roll-out improvements to the site, such as:

  • Badges for recognition and contributions
  • More personalized experience
  • Growing a more engaged, helpful community for Citrix users to use as a resource for career development

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