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Some Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

by Patrick Coble

Wow, it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! What Cyber Security things have you done? I know for most Citrix admins, it is very tough to come up for air when you’re fighting Application Fires and the non-stop upgrades of Windows and Citrix. I thought I would write up a quick’ish blog on some of the Cyber Security Highlights and then some of the things you might be able to do to help secure your deployment, after testing, as always and forever. 

2018 Cyber Security Highlights

2018 Top Security Findings and Things to Do About Them

Below are some of the heavy hitting items, and a couple tips for each. Many of these items I have spoken about at a bunch of conferences about VDI Security. These are just some quick tips and overviews of some of these techniques, but they can get you started. Please also remember there is no stopping everything. In the Security world, it is all about reducing risks where you can. If there are a couple settings, products you can easily deploy that can make a difference, you should try and deploy them. Security is not easy and it never stops as new techniques come out. 

Windows Group Policies

Mail Client Security

Internet Browser Security



Citrix ADC GeoBlock

The Three Amigos of Citrix ADC Security I focused on:

I promise I will get back on the VDI Lockdown blogging bandwagon. I have been running around a lot and working on a book. I hope everyone is having a great week and I hope some of these security tips helped you out on the Citrix and/or the personal sides of your life. 

One more time, make sure you test these changes before deploying them.

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