Say Hello to Our New Steering Committee Members

by Lee Winbush, Steering Committee President

We want to share some news from the CUGC Steering Committee. We’re announcing today two new members of the Committee. 

The first is Steve Elgan. Steve is a founding leader of the Omaha CUGC, is a CTA, is active on, volunteered at Synergy, serves on the Local Support Working Group, has been a Member of the Month, and more. Very few members have engaged with CUGC and the community in so many ways.

The second is Dan Schlimme. Dan leads the Healthcare SIG, is active on, leads webinars, has been Member of the Month, serves on the Synergy Working Group, volunteered at Synergy, and more. He brings deep technical and community experience to the Committee.

Steve and Dan are taking spots vacated by Kevin Keller and Paul Morrissey.  We are very grateful for the time, effort and leadership Kevin and Paul provided CUGC. Kevin led our planning efforts for Synergy over the past two years. Paul is a founding leader of the Toronto CUGC and great source of new ideas for local content.

Please congratulate Steve and Dan with us. Introduce yourself to them online or at Synergy.  Lastly, thank you Dan and Steve, for volunteering for the community.

Lee Winbush
President, CUGC Steering Committee

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