September 2018 – Greg Tiber


Greg Tiber, CTA
Madison, WI USA

What Citrix technologies are most important to your work?

Application virtualization and Sharefile. We’ve centralized applications and isolated unique applications within our environment using Citrix Xenapp. We purchased Sharefile a few years ago to consolidate all our file sharing into one industry-leading tool.

What’s the biggest tech challenge you’re currently dealing with, and how does Citrix help?

I’m currently working towards upgrading to 7.18. This will be a complete restructuring of our environment as we position Xenapp/Desktop in Azure and centralize these applications and their data in the cloud. There are so many things to learn in this version. I recently attended a Citrix Fast Track class to help me get up to speed.

Tell us about your experience in the CTA program over the past year.

The Citrix CTA program is an incredible chance to further participate in community events, learn about new products first and be asked for feedback from Citrix product teams. In the past year, I’ve hosted webinars and have had the opportunity to have meetings directly with the product teams and provide feedback. I love having the ability to directly reach out to people within the CTA/CTP programs or within Citrix itself to find answers to questions. Stephanie Roper, Kimberly Ruggero and Perrine Crampton have done a great job running this program! Many thanks to them for helping us in this journey.

How are things with the Madison CUGC group?

I’m very proud of our Madison team and members. We have a core group of individuals that always step up and help where needed. One of our members, Vijay (@vjinwi) and his team presented at the inaugural Great Lakes XL. My co-leader Craig Harmel (@craig_harmel) and member Steve Noel (@steve_noel) presented to a standing-room-only audience at Synergy this year. One of my favorite meetings was when we were able to get Dan Feller (@djfeller) to present at a January meeting. It had started snowing prior to our meeting, and we were worried about turnout due to the snow and bad winter driving conditions, but our members surprised us with the biggest attendance to date and a packed venue. Last, but not least, our fabulous Citrix SE Joel Piper (@CTXPipes) has been a great help in securing speakers for our local meetings and suggesting some great Citrix internal people for the XL events.

CUGC XL: Great Lakes is just around the corner, and you’re on the planning team. What are you looking forward to? 

We’ve learned a lot since the Inaugural Great Lakes XL event last year. For example, the afternoon schedule didn’t work out as we intended, so we are making some changes for this year’s event. The entire leadership group has come together to identify some great speakers and content for this meeting. There will be some all-star speakers, opportunities to network with fellow peers and some wonderful sponsors at this year’s event. The leadership from CUGC HQ has been a great help in organizing this meeting and sharing lessons learned from all the other XL events. Thank you, Katie and team!

Outside of leading Madison CUGC, planning the next XL, and oh yeah–your day job, what do you do for fun?

My kids and I just returned from a 3,500-mile road trip to South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. We visited nine National Parks/Monuments, as well as lots of other tourist attractions, and we hiked in all three states. Since I work from home most of the time, that gives my Golden Doodle Oreo, extra time to tell me he needs more attention. He’s always ready to play fetch when I have (or need) a break. Below is a before and after a big snow storm game of fetch this past winter.

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