ICYMI: A Few Notes About the Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility

by Marco Hofmann, CTA

The Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility has been my biggest friend for a while. It helps you to recover broken Citrix Receiver installations on Microsoft Windows. Before I knew it, I sometimes even reinstalled Windows to get Citrix Receiver back to work. Good old days.
But, after many years, a trustful friendship came to an end. Citrix included the functionality of the Receiver Clean-Up Utility into the Citrix Receiver Setup a while ago.

If you use a CitrixReceiver.exe Setup which is >4.4, then there is a new command line argument which acts like Receiver Clean-Up Utility:


This is explained in detail in the Citrix eDocs:
Citrix Receiver: Configure and install using command-line parameters

Of course, you can still use the /silent switch together with /rcu and, don’t forget /includeSSON if you want to use Single-Sign-On in your environment:

CitrixReceiver.exe /ruc /silent /includeSSON

The Citrix knowledge base article about Receiver Clean-Up Utility CTX137494 has been updated accordingly, and still holds the old documentation. But, the recommended way is to use the /rcu switch from the Receiver Setup.

That’s it – short and useful! 

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