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Hello Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration + Files (Part 3)

by Lyndon-Jon Martin, CTA, Citrix

Welcome to part 3 of this blog series, where I look into what Citrix (ShareFile) Content & Collaboration offers post Citrix Synergy 2018.

In the above sentence, you’ve most likely noticed that the ShareFile product name is in parentheses, followed by simplified text to describe what it is and what it does. Why? Before moving onto the next paragraph, if you have not watched this year’s on-demand Citrix Synergy 2018 keynote, I’d encourage you to watch it now at, as Citrix has introduced NEW brand name changes: Citrix also introduced to the world the “Citrix Workspace App.” Explore an overview of it today at, and you can learn a lot more about what’s new (e.g., analytics) by consuming the keynote on-demand.

Now back to my blog post. My objectives in this final post for the series are the following:

Citrix Workspace App

Content (Human consumed) + Data (App or Human consumed) is the life blood of everyone’s workspace. Naturally, as the current workspace + workplaces of today begin to undergo a (digital) transformation (and should), the way in which you to intend to access and consume thus improves the users’ productivity, flexibility and reducing efficiencies.

Enabling a digital media consumer-style experience plus choice is, for me, in a simplified form what the newly-announced Citrix Workspace App at Synergy 2018 brings–not only SaaS + virtual apps, with content and virtual desktops all together in one place in a single app/portal, but also one that changes its look and feel within reason (screen size) to suit your setting/context (such as location and device type). As you choose to consume the tools from within your workspace, it adapts to suit you, while delivering a HD experience to users and still enforcing security and compliance set by IT. The contextual concept for Citrix Workspace App is quite well-articulated in this blog post on by our SVP of Engineering if you want to learn more – *

If you are like me, I not only consume, but create and modify content (e.g., PowerPoint slides), so naturally the content needs to be sat next to the app I intend to consume to view or edit it with. The Citrix Workspace App allows me to consume my workplace content on my own terms based upon my setting/context (e.g., as a virtual app or embedded browser*).

Therefore, including “Files” along with all workspace tools in one app/portal has multiple benefits off the top of my head which, for example, include:

I am personally really excited, and looking forward to the release of the Citrix Workspace App. It is a real game-changer, so get exploring today

Hello Citrix Files+

What is it? A single unified app for Citrix (ShareFile) Content & Collaboration, which cannibalised (but still includes) the very best capabilities and features of multiple Citrix ShareFile apps now integrated into one super app. By default, this means end-users (me too) just got an incredibly awesome upgrade, as you can now do so much more without opening another ShareFile app or even logging into the ShareFile web portal.

You can do the following at a glance below and as seen and described during “SYN112: What’s new and next with ShareFile:”

In closing, I hope that you have enjoyed this three-part series into Citrix ShareFile (Content & Collaboration) and be sure to look out for the promised follow-up myCUGC webinar in mid-July to answer any questions that you may have about the new experience which we will cover off in-depth and or other topics (e.g., Workflows, OneDrive for Business).

I’ll leave you with this final thought: for me personally, “Citrix Content & Collaboration (ShareFile) is like Citrix Virtual App Delivery (XenApp) but for all your content repositories, while providing the right balance of experience vs. security + compliance.

For those of you looking for the previous posts, here they are: Security – Content Collaboration Made Easy with Citrix ShareFile and a Touch of Security (Part 1) and HD experience for users – The HD Content Workspace for External Real-Time Collaboration, Touching on the User Experience (Part 2) when working on content as an individual contributor vs. a team with(out) 3rd party contributors.

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.

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