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The HD Content Workspace for External Real-Time Collaboration, Touching on the User Experience (Part 2)

by Lyndon-Jon Martin, CTA, Citrix

The objective of this blog post is to describe the end-user experience when using Citrix ShareFile and how simple and powerful it is at enabling a smarter and better way to work with your content from any device, anytime, and from anywhere.

I will focus on four areas during this post:

If you’re looking for security on ShareFile, please see my earlier post: Content Collaboration Made Easy with Citrix ShareFile and a Touch of Security (Part 1).

Before we continue, myself and George Christophi will be delivering an interactive LIVE technology-led myCUGC webinar on 20/04/2018! So be sure to register and ask questions, as we’ll bring a lot of what I am describing in my blog series to life for part 1 + 2. Register today to reserve your seat. Finally if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments section below or save them for the webinar.

It’s important to understand that while I am focusing my efforts in four areas at 10K ft., there are many more areas that you can explore. Most of what I describe below is typically available in another form factor or format. For example, you can initiate Approvals & Feedback Workflows from the Web Portal, ShareFile mobile app & even from the Outlook ShareFile plug-in.

Diagram of 4 key User Experience (UX) areas:
(Click on the image to expand in another window.)

Web Portal (WebUI)

The Citrix ShareFile UX team, since I joined Citrix six years ago, has done for me a pretty good job of creating a UI that is both simple in nature, yet so very powerful when consumed. You’re also probably wondering why I’m focusing on the Web Portal first? For me personally, it’s the HD Content Workspace that allows me to safely, securely, and in real-time collaborate or distribute content externally vs. internally, with the intended recipient(s) and apply the right vs. relevant security controls including how recipient(s) are supposed to consume that content. You can access it if you already have Citrix ShareFile at https://* or https://* (replacing * with your account/tenant name), where you can access your content from internal network file shares, SharePoint sites, and even (un)authorised personal file sharing services (IT controlled+) and much more. IT can setup traditional vs. modern authentication. It all depends upon what is right vs. relevant to your organisation’s security requirements. So, what can you do from within the HD Content Workspace? TIP: if you’re using it today and it doesn’t have your company logo, colours e.t.c., ask your IT department to get in touch with the Citrix ShareFile team and they will help you re-brand it to your desired look, so that it feels aligned to your brand, as Citrix knows how important that is to their customers.

Mobile Apps

The ShareFile mobile apps (MDM or MAM enlightened), much like the Web Portal, offer a simple interface packed with very powerful features, if you dare to explore, that allow you to download and view content offline, check out/in, and edit content within ShareFile vs. open in trusted, more advanced Office mobile apps (XenMobile enlightened trusted mobile app fabric) and even present the presentation from your mobile device. There is a lot you can do.

(Virtual) Desktops

It doesn’t matter if you use a traditional or virtual desktop. Citrix ShareFile has the capability to keep you connected to all your data repositories while on the go from anywhere with an internet connection for select capabilities (e.g., Personal Connectors), or you can select to keep all or a portion of your content stored in ShareFile offline for use in airplane mode because you’re flying across the Atlantic or over Africa (e.g., Durban, South Africa). You get the idea.


The ShareFile team lists all the integrations including an industries filter at and also see Below, I am focusing on just three touch points of integration:

Security consultants & SysAdmins can learn how-to deploy + configure the ShareFile Outlook Plug-in using these resources: + If you are already an end-user, the ShareFile team has put together a great CTX article at to help you get started. This covers off sending and also sending users a secure link to then send you files directly (thus, receive files securely) without sending it as an attachment or receiving a USB thumb drive vs. external HDD or CD/DVD in the mail (you can laugh, but it still happens even today). Finally, you can also initiate Approval Workflows directly from Outlook, so be sure to review the user’s guide (even SysAdmins).

In Closing

It is not always possible to transfer or convey an experience without a demonstration vs. micro story, so if you have found this blog post somewhat useful and you want to learn and understand more in-depth what I have described above, please download our webinar recording. (Skip to Part 3 of this series, “Hello Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration + Files” published in May 2018.)

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.

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