CUGC’s First User Share XL Webinar was a Great Success!


We held our first-ever expanded User Share XL webinar on October 5, 2017! Over the course of four hours, we hosted six online presentations all centered around one topic: Security. We had a great turnout and some very informative sessions:

Citrix Chief Security Strategist, Kurt Roemer, kicked off the afternoon with “Securing the Future of Work,” focusing on changes in the workplace and the security concerns and considerations that should guide us moving forward.

Houston CUGC Leader, Networking SIG Leader and CTP Jason Samuel followed up with “Native OTP with NetScaler: Securing Your Citrix Environment Overnight for Free!” He explained how to secure authentication at the perimeter without the need for third-party MFA by configuring everything through the NetScaler.

Next, CTP Remko Weijnen presented “Security for Citrix Admins and Consultants,” looking at the hacker thought process, the different stages of an attack, and useful information on how to mitigate attacks. 

Jarian Gibson, Kansas City Metro CUGC Leader & CTP, and Patrick Coble, Nashville CUGC Leader & CTA, presented “VDI Lockdown 1.0: Securing Your Deployment.” Jarian and Patrick walked through locking down Citrix deployments against common attacks and looked at basic security policies and patching that could have prevented some recent security breaches.

CTP Joe Shonk presented a quick session on the new feature IP Reputation in NetScaler 12, showing how and why it might be the next security feature you’ll want to implement. 

Finally, CTP Thorsten Rood presented a shortened teaser session on “Better Authentication Made Easy: MFA and Captcha!” He touched on Azure MFA in on-premises environments, NetScaler Gateway and Google reCaptcha. Thorsten will present a full-length session on this topic later this year, so keep an eye on our webinar calendar.

We’re already thinking about our next User Share XL webinar, so if you have suggestions for topics, please share them here. And stay tuned for more details!

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