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Anatomy of a Successful CUGC Meeting

by Steve Elgan, CTA and Omaha CUGC Leader

Executing a successful CUGC meeting can be a challenging task. There are several moving parts to a meeting that CUGC leaders must consider and have a plan for. For the last two years, I have been co-leading the Omaha CUGC group with four other leaders. Scott Osborne, Ryan Revord, Jason Tedrick, Ben Tusa, and myself make up the leadership team. My primary role has been to help with the logistics of the meetings, such as booking the venue, ensuring the bills are paid, planning the menu, and occasionally presenting content. We have learned some lessons and have had some success with pulling large numbers of members to our meetings on a regular basis. I wanted to write this blog to share some of the things we do so that other groups may benefit from it. I recognize that there are always going to be circumstantial opportunities and limitations with each group. My hope is that you’ll find a way to adapt some of these ideas to your own unique set of circumstances. 

I sincerely hope that this article has provided value to you. If you are looking for more great information about leading your meetings, I’d like to bring your attention to two great blog articles that Mike Nelson wrote back in 2015. He has many great ideas and suggestions that are worth reading. 

Top things to help you become a successful CUGC Leader – Part 1

Top things to help you become a successful CUGC Leader – Part 2

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