Community Champions: Citrix Technology Advocates (CTA)

by Stephanie Roper, Citrix

There is an old folk tale that says “It takes a village to raise a child,” this statement also holds true for any successful organization, “It takes a successful community to support a leading organization.” The Citrix User Group Community has been an avenue for like minded individuals to collaborate, share business experiences, and provide insights with Citrix applications. The community has continued to champion Citrix products and showcases its abilities. Whether it has been a webinar, local group meeting, a blog, or a tweet, the evangelism is invaluable and we appreciate it all. As we announced prior to Synergy 2017, we have created an expanded recognition program for our community champions and today I am happy to announce the 2017 Citrix Technology Advocates class members.

Drum roll please……

Abdullah AbdullahDonald WongJonathan PitrePatrick van den Born
Adam GambleEdwin HoubenKevin HowellPawel Serwan
Alain AssafGareth CarsonKyle DaviesPhillip Jones
Benjamin CrillGeorge KuruvillaKyle WisePreston Gallwas
Bram WolfsGeorge SpiersLyndon-Jon MartinRené Bigler
Carl BehrentGreg TiberMarco HofmannRick Roetenberg
Carsten BrunsIngmar VerheijMark PlettenbergRobin Hobo
Cécil BoveJacob RutskiMartin TherkelsenRonnie Hamilton
Christiaan BrinkhoffJames O’ReganMartin ZugecRory Monaghan
Chris SchrameyerJames RankinMatt BodholdtRyan Butler
Craig StonesJane CassellMatthew AllenRyan Gallier
Daniel FellerJani AnttilaMatthias SchlimmSaadallah Chebaro
David GautneyJason TedrickMayunk JainScott Osborne
David OttJits LangedijkNeal DolsonShane O’Neill
Dennis SpanJohn McBrideNiek BoevinkShaun Ritchie
DJ EshelmanJon BucudPatrick CobleSinisa Sokolic
Steve ElganTimco HazelaarTimm BrochhausTrentent Tye

These members have demonstrated the technical knowledge, community passion, and thought leadership that Citrix would like to recognize. Membership in the Citrix Technology Advocate program is the first step in recognizing our community leaders, and I am looking forward to the continual promotion of their work and providing them with additional incentives. Below is a snippet of our community members in action, there will be lots more to come. Congratulations to all the new members of the Citrix Technology Advocate Program.

I would also like to thank all the CTP members who were a part of the pilot program for the CTA program and who will also continue to provide their support.

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