CUGC Annual Report 2016-2017

by Lee Winbush, Steering Committee President

Our annual report is hot off the presses. You can find a copy here.

When I read it, two words come to mind: growth and leadership. 

I say growth because we have more members, local groups, meetings, webinars and online engagement. Everything is trending up. This is the grassroots growth we all want because it creates more opportunity to learn and connect.

And why leadership?  Because CUGC depends on individuals who volunteer their time and knowledge. They are the energy behind our local meetings, blogs, forums and our presence at Synergy. 

I congratulate and thank our members, especially our local, SIG and content leaders. Whether you help to lead a local group, blog on, moderate our webinars or volunteer at Synergy, you are building a vibrant community. We are all better off thanks to your efforts.

CUGC Annual Report 2016-2017

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