Citrix Synergy 2017 Highlights

by Carl Behrent, CTA

Here’s a dump of my personal highlights from Citrix Synergy 2017, some healthcare related:

  • Chris Fleck demonstrating the ODG Glasses with AR, being able to flick your Citrix session from your phone/tablet into your glasses
  • Citrix Smart Spaces, the ability to start an entire meeting at the press of a button
  • The concept of a Doc swiping their ID badge at the front door and in the background a XenApp/XenDesktop session is pre-launching and then disconnecting awaiting them to log in at their office.
  • Further development on the concept of a Doc being able to roam between patient beds and flicking their Citrix session onto a bigger display screen and the EMR system updating automatically to that patient based on location awareness
  • Citrix HDX Ready Pi 3 (SC-T25) with support for Dual Monitors and integrated Skype for Business optimization pack (Real-time Media Engine), the dual monitor ability was achieved by using a Pi Zero USB connected into the HDX Pi
  • The new Samsung DeX phone being used as a portable thin client where you can dock it at a workspace

What were yours?

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