Synergy 2017 in One Word? AWESOME!

by Tim Mallon

Synergy 2017 in One Word?  “Awesome!”

I started the week by learning that I chose the furthest hotel from the Orange County Convention Center West Building. A nice mile-plus walk before breakfast is nice, but the lesson for first-timers is to look at the map a little better. That said, I also learned how App Layering can help my job by simplifying my image management when I attended Lab611: Installing and Configuring Application Layering. I will be deploying that later this month. I am also interested in deploying Workspace Environment Management knowledge from Lab609.

One of my favorite sessions was SYN301: XenApp and XenDesktop Tech Update hosted by @djfeller where I learned some really cool facts about Chuck Norris, and how Local Host Cache will assist during a database failure or unexpected downtime. Also, worthy of mention was the section on Benefits and Use Cases for Application Tagging and Zones. I recommend anyone that missed this or other sessions to watch them on Citrix Synergy TV On Demand. I have been reliving Synergy 2017 by watching & listening to reruns for the past 2 weeks!

I also spent some time in Synergy Park and the Solutions Expo,  and finished #6 in the GameOn! within the Citrix app.  That said, it was a great conference and I met a lot of really great people. Everyone was so willing to share their knowledge and insights of what works and does not work in their deployments. Looking forward to Citrix Synergy Anaheim 2018, I hope to catch up again next year. 

Until then, I hope to see some of you at local CUGC events, on the forums, or at the Synergy Unplugged events.  


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