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Quick Synergy Packing Guide

by DJ Eshelman, CTA, Nashville CUGC Leader

My Citrix Synergy 2017 Packing List

First off, I’ve arrived early for Labs, staying for all of Synergy and also staying for E2EVC – so that’s a solid 6 days of walking, sitting, walking, sitting, standing, walking, walking, walking and some more walking. I’m going to estimate roughly 11 miles each day for me. I should also mention that my hotel is a little over a mile away on foot. I’ll be trying the Trolley this year (Thanks, Neil!) – $9 for the week will work for me; I’ll try to remember to report back on that here.

Given the schedule and how IN-SANE certain days and nights can get at Synergy, I use a layering strategy in everything from what I wear to how I pack.  (Note- I’ll provide Amazon links on my blog to specific products but not here)

Layer 1: Clothing

Layer 2: Accessories and Equipment

Layer 3: Luggage and Bags

More Synergy Advice

See you there!

I’ll be tweeting quite a bit all week- follow me at @TheXenMaster.

I’m updating this on my blog here: as the day goes on but I thought I’d paste the content here as well!

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