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CUGC Members Lead Hot Topics @Synergy

by Stephanie Roper, Citrix

WOW!! Our User Group Community members are a hot commodity at Synergy this year. In addition to the elite bunch that was chosen to be speakers at Synergy, the Hot Topics Round Table discussions at Synergy are all led by CUGC members!

Hot Topics Round Table (formerly known as Lunch Table Tech Chats) is an informal peer to peer conversation with Citrix Experts from the community to network and share valuable insights to customers. It is a first-come first-serve open seating agenda with topics of Apps & Desktops, Security, Mobility, Networking, Data Sharing, and Cloud Services.

Hot Topic Round Table Leaders

Congratulations to all our selected leaders. View the session catalog for Hot Topic schedules and speakers, and don’t forget to register for the CUGC pre-game reception. See you all soon!!

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