Citrix Synergy 2017 Speakers Announced – So Many CUGC Members

by Tobias Kreidl, CTP, Steering Committee

Citrix recently released the 2017 Synergy Session Catalog, and the Steering Committee couldn’t be more pleased to see so many CUGC members deemed “IT Champions” in the list of breakout sessions and fireside chats! In fact, CUGC members dominate the list:

  • Eric Grenier
  • Thorsten Rood, CTP
  • Esther Barthel, CTP, CUGC Women in Tech Mentor, Forum Moderator, Content Working Group
  • Carl Armstrong
  • Theresa Miller, CTP, CUGC Women in Tech Mentor
  • Steve Greenberg, CTP, Phoenix Metro CUGC Leader
  • Aaron Parker, CTP, Melbourne CUGC Leader
  • Ruben Spruijt, CTP
  • Benny Tritsch, CTP
  • Remko Weijnen, CTP, Dutch CUGC Leader
  • Eduardo Molina, CTP, Cincinnati CUGC Leader
  • Jarian Gibson, CTP, Kansas City CUGC Leader
  • Kees Baggerman, CTP, Dutch CUGC Leader
  • Andrew Wood, CTP, UK CUGC Steering Committee
  • Jim Moyle, CTP, UK CUGC Leader
  • Ryan Tsamouris
  • Mike Nelson, CTP, Content Working Group
  • Marius Sandbu, CTP, Networking SIG Leader
  • Daniel Wedel
  • Connie Barrera, CTP
  • Haydn Davies
  • Dimitrius Weddington
  • Sam Jacobs, CTP
  • Tobias Kreidl, CTP, CUGC Steering Committee VP, Content Working Group

Congratulations to all of you—we’re looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Planning your trip to Citrix Synergy 2017? Check out the full session catalog here and get all of the details on CUGC activities at Synergy on our CUGC@Synergy page.

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