Be Immortalized in CUGC History: Design the Official 2017 T-Shirt

by Kevin Keller, Steering Committee

***The t-shirt contest deadline has passed. Thank you for all of the great entries!***


 The 1st CUGC T-Shirt Design Contest is now underway! Have you ever wished you could help design the CUGC T-Shirt?  Now is your chance!

The CUGC t-shirt unveiling at Citrix Synergy has become a highly anticipated event, with the shirts becoming some of the most coveted swag. Almost everywhere you turn, you’ll spot a CUGC t-shirt (old or new) in the crowd, excellent proof of CUGC’s grassroots strength… and the power of FREE T-SHIRTS! To some extent, a badge of honor.

Since the debut of our inaugural shirt, there has been nothing but rising interest from our community to continue the tradition.

As the Steering Committee began its planning for Synergy 2017, we quickly decided to do something fun and engaging with this year’s t-shirt design: open it up to the community and give YOU, the members, the opportunity to let your ideas come to life on the 2017 shirt.  Honestly, I can’t think of a better way for you to put your stamp on CUGC!

Not a graphic artist? Don’t worry. You can still submit a design concept instead of final art. If you need some help with your design, collaborate with a fellow CUGC member or even with your local group and enter the contest together.   

There are some great perks if you create the winning design. The winning submission will receive a FREE SYNERGY PASS with the winner’s name or Twitter handle enshrined on the shirt for all to see.  

The finalists will be chosen by the Synergy Working Group and the winner will be chosen by a vote of our members, making this year’s t-shirt truly a product of our community! One of you might become a living legend…

Don’t wait! Start creating your ideas. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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