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From Field Book on Citrix/App-V Integration: Best New App Processes

by Tim Mangan, CTP Fellow, Boston CUGC Leader

Field Book Chapter 4: Best New App Processes


The Field Book on Citrix with App-V is a collection of experiences in customer implementations.  This article helps to understand building an application preparation process for implementing App-V in a Citrix environment.

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A Customer is migrating  to XenApp 7.x and App-V 5.x.  They are struggling with getting the apps sequenced and tested.

Review of the existing process indicates a number of issues.


This customer was implementing XenApp 7.7.


The customer needs to be coaxed to implement a process that will speed up the time to produce quality packages by not taking shortcuts.  Fortunately, they know they need to improve and are open to changes in process.


After a discussion, changes were made in order to streamline the process.

These changes have made a significant change in packaging throughput, cutting the average time to produce a package by more than 50%.

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