Citrix NetScaler, Federated Authentication and Google – Google oAuth

by David Brett, CTP

We can now move onto Part 3 of this series.  How to set up and configure the Google oAuth Service.

The first thing you will need to do is set up a Google API to allow access to the Google oAuth system from your NetScaler.

Head over to and sign in with your Google account

Select Credentials

Then select the oAuth Consent Screen and fill out the details

Switch back to Credentials and create a new oAuth Client ID

Give your Client ID a name and put in the URLs that you are going to give your users to log into XenDesktop using their Google Account.

Click create and Google will go ahead and create your new oAuth Client, it will display the Client ID and Client Secret – copy these into a text file as you will need them later on!

That’s all for the Google Config.


Dave Brett (@dbretty)

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