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Load Balancing Exchange SMTP Relay and IIS SMTP Relay

by Dan Schlimme

I recently had to load balance our Exchange SMTP Relay and IIS SMTP Relay.  Both of these require the use of DSR which I was unfamiliar with and wanted to share my experience.

Important Pieces of Information

Netscaler and Server Networking configuration are the same for Exchange SMTP Relay and IIS SMTP Relay

Netscaler Configuration

Server Configuration

IIS SMTP Relay Configuration

Select Add

Add the VIP you created earlier

Exchange SMTP Relay Configuration

Read this if DSR and Netscaler isn’t working for you

As per the comment from rbarrick on the above article, I also found the same problem. I had more than one VIP with the same IP and even though they were disabled it would not connect until I deleted the disabled Virtual Servers with the same IP. I had them setup after following this article on Exchange Load balancing so when it came to configuring DSR I had multiple VIP’s with the same IP. Deleting them or changing the IP they use is the only solution. Hope this saves someone some head scratching.

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