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Local Leaders Drive Growth

by Lee Winbush, CUGC Steering Committee, Twin Cities CUGC Leader

CUGC is proud to have many ways for members to interact and learn. Webinars, blogs, forums, files – they’re all great ways to network and advance your knowledge. But sometimes we want to get together in person and share a beer while we talk about the latest updates and ingenious implementations. That’s where your local groups come in, and 2016 has been an amazing year for groups around the world.

This growth in local groups and meetings is great for everyone in the community, and CUGC is working to get better and better. One of the ways we’re growing with our members is through our Local Support Working Group. Comprised of experienced local group leaders, the Local Support Working Group has a mission to improve the experience of our local groups, both in-person and online. As a member of the Steering Committee and a previous leader of the Twin Cities CUGC, I’m thrilled to be working with this great group of leaders and CUGC HQ staff:

2016 was a great year for local groups, and we know 2017 will be even better. Have an idea on how to make the local group experience better? We want to hear it! Email us:

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