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CUGC Celebrates 100th Local Meeting

by Jennifer Gibbons, CUGC HQ

Thanks to a great group of local leaders and a boost from Citrix, CUGC held its 100th local meeting in September! The Triad CUGC was the lucky group to hit that big milestone. For a little more than one year, our local leaders and members have been hard at work starting local groups and bringing in-person meetings to life with technical presentations, networking and fun!

Photo by Kansas City Metro CUGC 
Photo by UK Citrix User Group

Our first local meeting was June 16, 2015 in Kansas City. Since then, CUGC has averaged seven meetings a month with more than 3,200 registrants. Every meeting has been a chance for technical discussion and member engagements. Along the way, there’ve been movie premieres, baseball games, go-carts, pub grub and beers.

Photo by Aaron Mowbray, Boise CUGC
Photo by Toronto CUGC

It took an army of individuals working together to hit this awesome milestone. The success and credit goes first and foremost to our dedicated leaders and members, and is shared with the Citrix community team and SEs, our speakers and sponsors. We at HQ have enjoyed supporting all of our groups and look forward to planning the next 100!

Photo by Raleigh-Durham CUGC
Photo by Pavel Klushin, Israel CUGC
Photo by Sacha Thomet, Swiss CUGC
Photo by Chris Schrameyer, Northern Indiana CUGC
 Photo by Jason Samuel, Houston CUGC
Photo by Adam Gamble, Dallas-Fort Worth CUGC
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