CUGC Steering Committee and Staff Updates

by Brad Hornback, CUGC HQ

CUGC is all about one thing – you. It exists to provide you with a community full of opportunities, content and knowledge. In order to fulfill that mission, HQ is continually growing with the community. Today we’d like to announce some of the ways in which we’re growing with a Steering Committee officer update and new staff members.

Steering Committee

Tobias Kreidl

Academic Computing Team Lead, Northern Arizona University

Tobias Kreidl, Academic Computing Team Lead, Northern Arizona University and CTP, has been elected Vice President by the Steering Committee. Tobias has been a member of the Steering Committee since November 2015, and he chairs the CUGC Content Working Group. We’re thrilled to have Tobias assume this role as the Steering Committee continues serving as a voice for the community.


Whitney Kimmel

Manager, Community Strategy & Programs Support, Citrix

To you, Whitney is the eyes and ears of the CUGC program. She is one part evangelist and one part strategist to ensure CUGC is constantly serving up new and valuable experiences. She works closely with our engineers, product marketers, and thought leaders to find the content you want, while championing your milestones and driving strategy within our internal team.

Stephanie Roper

Community Manager, Citrix

Part geek, part cheerleader, Stephanie is your community champion, internal advocate, and public voice at Citrix. She has working knowledge of the product lines and works closely with the products team. In addition to daily community engagement, she will cultivate resources that will be deemed valuable to the community. Your success in this community is her motivation.

We couldn’t be happier with Tobias’ new role and the additions of Whitney and Stephanie to the community. Curious about the rest of the team? Read up on the Steering Committee and our Staff.

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