September 2016 – John Wilson


Member of the Month

John Wilson

Somerset, WI, USA

What Citrix technologies are most important to your work?

I enjoy working with all of them, PVS, XenApp, and XenDesktop, but lately most of my time and passion have been devoted to XenMobile and ShareFile. I’ve had the opportunity to build a mobility group/service offering from the ground up and it’s taken most of my time, but has been very enjoyable and rewarding.

What current tech trends are you most interested in?

Mobility and collaboration, and they would seem to go hand-in-hand in many respects.

As a leader of the Twin Cities CUGC local group, what do you enjoy most about being a leader?

I enjoy the opportunity to meet new Citrix users in the area and the opportunity to facilitate other opportunities to bring those users and products/information together.

What do you think makes your group a success?

Part of the success has to be attributed to the passion of the leaders, current and past. But an equal amount has to go to the members themselves. They are always willing to share information, and their willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to attend the meetings show how important the meetings are to them.

Your group usually meets in interesting locales. Which has been a favorite?

Our last meeting and the next one are scheduled to be held at Northgate Brewing, a small, local brewery. It’s a very informal location, and we get exclusive access to the facilities until they are open to the public, with a food truck pulled up to the patio. Good beer and great conversation seem to go hand-in-hand. We want to make sure that the meetings are held around the metro area to give more users access, but also in locales that won’t become boring or stale. We are always looking for different ways to pump up the participation.

When you’re not boldly leading the Twin Cities group or working, what are your favorite activities?

Really, I’ve heard of this mysterious thing, time away from work…seriously, I don’t have as much as in the past. But, I like to spend the time I do have with my family, working around the house, traveling when I can, and following Wisconsin sports. Very low key, but a welcome departure from the hectic activities typically associated with work. 

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