Our First Networking SIG Webinar! The Future of NetScaler

by Marius Sandbu, CTP, Norway CUGC

As we have mentioned a bit before, we wanted this community to be more interactive and bring out fresh content to our members and being the impatient nerds that we are, we decided therefore to have our first Networking SIG webinar on the 13th July. 

The agenda for our first official webinar is:

  • Quick introduction to the SIG Networking
  • Recap of Networking from Synergy
  • What’s new in NetScaler 11.1
  • Deep-dive NetScaler Management and Analytics
  • Overview of Microservices, Containers and NetScaler CPX

So hopefully this sounds interesting to you all! We are looking forward to see how this evolves and if you have any feedback or requests on what kinds of topics you would like to hear more about, let us know!

PS: If you are unable to join we will record the webinar, and if you know of someone else that would be interested, let them know about the webinar! 🙂

SIG Networking team

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