2016: Let’s Go!


Happy New Year CUGC!

Did you miss President Chris Trost’s year-end newsletter to the community?  

Here’s a quick rundown:

By the Numbers: CUGC closed 2015 with more than 7,700 members, more than 40 local groups and SIGs, more than 40 remote and in-person meetings and a busy mycugc.org. On top of that, more than 70 members have volunteered to lead locals, lead SIGs, and host and moderate webinars. 

Giving Back: To reach beyond our own community, CUGC is making a matched $500 contribution to CODE.ORG, a group dedicated to expanding learning opportunities in computer science.

Synergy: CUGC planning is in the works for Synergy with a community space, meetings, a party and more. By the time you read this email, the Citrix Synergy Year-End Sale will have ended.  The next best deal for Synergy will be the CUGC discount we will announce shortly, so remember to check in.  

Founding Sponsors: Chris thanked CUGC’s Founding Sponsors for making much of what we do possible. They are Citrix, Liquidware Labs, Nutanix, UniPrint, AppSense, Nvidia, HPE and Intel.

Looking to 2016: CUGC locals have meetings in the works and on the calendar. We are planning User Share and Connect webinars through the spring. You can check out the schedule on mycugc.org. We are planning upgrades to mycugc.org and a big CUGC presence at Synergy.  2015 will be hard to beat, but that’s our goal.

Thank you:  Lastly, but most importantly, Chris thanked all the members who made 2015 an amazing first year for CUGC.  

Happy New Year CUGC!

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