New CUGC Site Functionality: Account Linking

by Chris Trost, Steering Committee Member

Note: This blog refers to functionality that is not available on the current version of

CUGC Members,

Are you tired of having to remember so many different sets of login credentials? So am I. While we can’t tackle that problem with all of the websites you visit, we can help make your online experience with CUGC a little bit easier.

Today we’re excited to announce new account linking functionality on This optional feature is designed to simplify your online experience by allowing you to login to your CUGC account with your existing Citrix account on

What’s in it for me?

  • One less set of login credentials to remember
  • Fast login with one click of a button

How do I link my CUGC account with my Citrix account?

  1. Log in to CUGC as you usually do, with your email address and password
  2. Select “My Options” and “My Profile” in the upper right hand side
  3. Access the menu “…” on the left hand hand side and select “enable social login”
  4. Enter your existing Citrix account credentials in the new window 
  5. Look for a confirmation message in your profile 
  6. You’re all set! Next time you want to log in on CUGC, click on the button “Using Citrix ID” instead of entering your CUGC credentials, and you’ll be in right away.

Please note that you can disable this functionality by going to your profile again, clicking on “enable social login” and clicking on the button “clear”.


So what do you think about having this option available? Please let us know about your thoughts and tell us about your overall experience in the comments section below.

On behalf of the CUGC Steering Committee, thank you for being a part of our thriving community. We hope you’ll find this functionality useful, and we look forward to continuing to make a better online home for our members.

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