July 2015 Monthly Member Prize Winner



The CUGC Monthly Member Prize Giveaway Winner

July 2015

Ryan Winn

A member of CUGC and his local CUGC group in Boise, Ryan is an “application deployment guru and self-proclaimed Citrix Kool-Aid drinker.” He has worked in all aspects of IT from operations, to desktop support, to end user support, and finally enterprise application delivery.

Ryan has worked for Simplot for the past 9 years with the last 3 of those in Citrix administration. He enjoys talking to anyone involved in IT and hearing how they are solving issues and deploying things to the masses.

Ryan says, “I live to ask questions and to also share what I have learned so others may benefit from the trials and tribulations I have been through.”

Congratulations and thank you, Ryan!  Enjoy the iTunes gift card!

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