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Deer in the Headlights

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by Jo Harder, CTP, Tampa CUGC Leader, CUGC Women in Tech Founding Member

What do deer and headlights have to do with the Citrix User Group Community? It’s a metaphor to describe the status of many organizations right now with respect to next steps regarding Citrix solutions. Do you keep your Citrix solution within your enterprise? Do you move it to the cloud? Is a hybrid solution the best of both worlds? Should you migrate to newer versions? Should you incorporate mobility? And the questions go on and on …

Between recent Citrix news and all the industry buzz, it’s difficult to nail down what is fact and what is isn’t so factual—and, most importantly, to determine what fits best for your organization. After all, many marketing announcements make it sound like this product or that would be optimal, but once you install and test, the outcome may be far different than that which you expected.

Even once you ascertain what you feel is right from a technical and business perspective, the fun isn’t over. Integration, implementation, training, and other hurdles await.

That’s where other members of the Citrix community can save you much time and effort, and none of us knows so much as to never need some help from others. Recently, in considering incorporating a new Citrix technology, I called upon an industry colleague that had made that same change last year, and our discussion was most enlightening. Not only did I gain some key insights, but the information that he provided clarified specifics that might otherwise have added several weeks of testing and implementation time. In short, I learned from his bumps and bruises.

The point is, when you’re not sure how to address “if” or “how” or “when” associated with a new technology, find someone within the Citrix User Group Community that has already crossed that bridge. Not only will you make a new professional acquaintance, but you’ll learn a few new tidbits while saving yourself time and effort.

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