What is E2EVC and is it for Me?

by Jim Moyle, UK CUGC Leader

Essentially E2EVC is a EUC focused event run all over the world usually Friday-Sunday.  The next one is in Berlin with Lisbon following later in the year.

If you are in sales or marketing, I’m afraid this conference is definitely not for you!  If you have a deep interest in EUC technologies and learning from your peers I’d really recommend it.  The days are packed with deeply technical sessions, mostly from people who have actually deployed these technologies in the field, I learn much more at E2EVC than at any other conference.

The E2E in the name stands for ‘Experts to Experts’ and that is exactly what you get, both on stage and in the audience, most sessions are highly interactive and very relaxed.

It’s also a great arena if you are just starting out in the public speaking /presenting side to your career as the audiences are very friendly and understand exactly how scary it can be to stand in front of your peers and present.  I did my first ever presentation to my peers in public there (I was awful).

Two presenting tips that I have learnt from E2EVC are:

  1. Always have a backup to a live demo
  2. Always have a beer in your hand while you are on stage (OK maybe this is only for E2EVC)

The audience is mostly made up from consultants both independent and from partners and the weekend dates make it friendly to attend if you are on a day rate.

If you are in the area  (Alex Juschin who organises the event, moves it around), then get involved.

I’ll be there, hope to see some of you.

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