Too Much for One Person to Know

by Jo Harder, CTP, Tampa CUGC Leader, CUGC Women in Tech Founding Mentor

The virtualization industry is moving at the speed of light, and keeping up with new and existing technologies is becoming increasingly difficult.  Even though Citrix technologies represent a subset (a large subset, but nonetheless, a subset!) of all virtualization technologies, there is no one amongst us that knows everything.

Learning off the internet can only get you so far.  Sometimes you need to ask a few specific questions of someone that has experience with a certain technology or a certain scenario, and that’s where community grooups and professional associations can be extremely helpful  in extending your knowledge.  Citrix User Group Community to the rescue!

As part of a user group community, assisting others is a two-way street.  While it sure is helpful to have a discussion with someone that has recently undertaken a project similar to what you are about to embark on, you should reasonably expect for others to reach out to you when your skills and experience may be helpful.

As part of a user group community, the interchange of ideas and knowledge is sometimes time intensive but always rewarding.  If you are deemed to be an expert in an area, conversing with someone about a new use case or being posed questions provokes thought and can be a learning experience in itself.  And having a conversation with a newfound expert can save the day!

Citrix User Group Community represents a fabulous opportunity to share ideas and information.  Be part of the community!

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