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Opens doors to technology professionals at Citrix Synergy and on

Immediate Release                                                                                       May 12, 2015

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – A Steering Committee led by technology end users today announced the launch of the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) and invited technology professionals worldwide to join.

Chris Trost, president of CUGC, said, “In our business success depends on independent information and the right people. CUGC can help connect members to both.” From day one, CUGC will let members dig into substance by opening its online platform of blogs, forums, files and more. New members join through the CUGC site at

The announcement comes as more than 12,000 technology professionals gather for the annual Citrix Synergy event live and online. CUGC will be featured in the Solutions Expo with a launch celebration, t-shirts, prizes and games. The leadership is planning sessions with attendees in the Citrix Community booth (#101).

Kent Hallamore, CUGC VP and a leader in Boston’s local group told attendees that, “The future of CUGC will be built by its members. We want users to drive the action. We can connect directly to share best practices, industry trends and tricks of the trade.” The Steering Committee is inviting new members to lead local groups, share content, engage on the forums, and network.

As CUGC grows and expands, it will offer user-driven content, local events, peer-to-peer networking, discounts to Citrix training and a larger and louder voice with Citrix.

CUGC is founded by a Steering Committee that includes six volunteer users and an advisor. They are:

Chris Trost, CUGC President, USAA
Kevin Keller, FedEx
Dan Running, Exelon Corporation
Kent Hallamore, CUGC VP, Lifespan
JJ Zettle, CUGC Sec/Treas, Starbucks
James Ma, United Nations
Kees Baggerman, Dutch Citrix User Group (Advisor)

CUGC membership is free and open to anyone interested in Citrix technologies. 

Contact: George Abar                                                        

Twitter & Instagram: @mycugc

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